Upward Ministry

Music in the life of Third Church

Music is integral to our worship and vital to our community as a corporate expression of praise. While we recognize that there are a myriad of musical styles and preferences that we as individuals are drawn to, we strive to present a balance between the more traditional approaches to worship and the modern ones of recent decades.

Several musical groups take part in leading worship at Third Church. The Choir sings in worship just about every Sunday between September and mid-June, offering varied styles of choral music ranging from the baroque and classical to the contemporary, jazz and spiritual idioms. They rehearse Wednesday evenings at 7pm during the season noted above. The ability to read music is not required–only a pleasant singing voice and willingness to commit to rehearsals and services. Presently, there is a significant need for male singers!

There are two Acoustic Worship Teams that champion the more contemporary worship music formats and are comprised of various combinations of guitarists, vocalists, solo instruments, percussion and piano/keyboards.

A Men’s Ensemble forms every summer as the choir takes their hiatus, and provides several informal opportunities for men to come together and learn a few pieces for inclusion in our summer worship services.  They also sing following Christmas and Easter while the choir takes a much-needed break.

A team of Audio-Visual Techs assist these faithful and dedicated musicians in the use of their gifts. Our sound and video systems received significant upgrades in 2015 and 2016, and we formed a ministry of technical assistance to help bring excellence to all our musical ministries and facilitate the hearing and seeing of every word in our sanctuary.

More information

Please contact Music and Audio-Visual Director Sal Scecchitano for further information or if you have any questions regarding music and AV technology in the life of Third Church. You can reach Sal at (518) 365-5870 or sal.scecchitano@gmail.com.  He would welcome the opportunity to help you find your place in one of these ministries.