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At Third Presbyterian Church, exalting God, proclaiming Christ, and making disciples is more than just a phrase- it’s a lifestyle. These are the three things all Christians are called to do every day, not just on Sunday, and not just every now and then. These three actions guide everything we do as a church. Learn more about what we believe.

Update on church operations due to COVID-19

Effective May 30, 2021, those who are fully vaccinated or who have tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 antibodies no longer need to wear a mask nor to maintain the social distancing standards of six feet while inside the church facilities.  However anyone in the Church facility who chooses to wear a mask certainly may continue to do so.

Those who have not been fully vaccinated* or have not tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 antibodies will still need to wear a mask and maintain social distancing while within the Church facilities per our previous requirements.  Most other on-site, indoor gatherings at Third Church remain paused at this time.

Read our May 28, 2021 update on church operations, including health & safety measures for worship, here.

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Exalting God

Our first and most important purpose is to exalt God in all we do. At work, at school, in the community, honoring God with our words and actions is the greatest calling any person can experience.

Proclaiming Christ

As Christians, we are called to proclaim the good news of Christ to our world. This is more than simply talking about Jesus – to proclaim is to make known to everyone what Christ has done for us – and the gift of everlasting life we have with Him!

Making Disciples

It isn’t enough to honor God and tell others about His love and sacrifice for us – we are also called to make disciples. This means teaching and showing others what it means to live for Christ.

By being the hands and feet of Jesus in our world, we can bring many to know the Lord!

Ministry at Third Presbyterian Church

Our ministries and ministry partners allow us to reach out to our community and our world in tangible ways. From supporting local ministries such as the Hope 7 Food Pantry, InterVarsity, and Capital District Youth for Christ, to working with missionaries and mission organizations providing support to various people around the world, we thrive on being a blessing to others through love and service. We encourage you to join us in this mission and experience the life-changing joy that comes from following Jesus Christ! 

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We’d love to stay in touch with you – sign up for our email list to receive weekly updates from Third Church